Sunday, September 22, 2013

100th Lucky Girl :D

I got this small gift/prize from one of my swap partners as I was the one who she sent her 100th postcard to! I've never won anything, expect when I was a kid and won a packet of crispbread :( so you can guess how happy I am now!!!

 The packet. I was amazed by the size; she had told me previously I was going to get a gift from her but didn't expect to get so many things! 

 Cute stationery. I love that panda pen ^_^

 Masking tape samples. One thing I find weird is, that although Finland is the home land of Moomins, we don't have Moomin tape for sale!!! WHY!?? :((  


 Air mail envelopes!! In the small bag is air mail labels and used stamps ^_^

 Envelopes made by her. So beautiful~

Panda stuff!! (as she knows how much I like pandas) The panda postcard is hologram! 

And this must be the most brilliant and awesome thing; Deco Rush! Instead of the normal white line which you can correct your mistakes with(I don't know how they're called), this one gives you so cute smiley faces and bunnies(you can always refill and buy different patterns, she told) :3 

Ink stamp!

I feel very joyful, I loved all the things and they were just my style☆


  1. Wow, this package is HUGE. You are indead very lucky :) Oh, I love pandas too :)

  2. Voi vitsi miten ihana paketti! Aika kilttiä lähettää noin paljon kaikkea :)

  3. A wonderful package! Beautiful;)


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