Friday, March 7, 2014

Wax seal and my experience

I bought this wax seal set from Tiimari's bankrupt sales. I've wanted to try wax sealing for a long time so I was overjoyed when I finally got this set into my hands!

I store all my wax equipment in this cute pouch.

All my wax and the seals! I also bought another set with different wax colors. I was very curious to try them out. I was afraid I would cause a huge mess but the whole progress was easy peasy and done in just minutes!

Seal designs.

This is all you need for sealing your envelopes: wax, a seal and matchsticks! 

Light up the wax!

Carefully melt the wax into a small round shape~

After you have enough wax on the envelope, kill the fire. 

Here you must be fast and use the seal as soon as possible before the wax solidifies! 

This guy here just keep spreading and spreading smoke!

Sealed! It was my first time to try sealing so it didn't turn out to be perfect. :(

Still spearing smoke like no tomorrow.. :o
and still...i don't know what's wrong with this individual xD

Another try with another wax color~


Ready. J for Jenny! There wasn't enough wax on the envelope so it looks poor ( ̄o  ̄;) 

As you can see the golden one STILL keep spreading smoke while the red one isn't! 

I sent one of the envelopes I sealed to my friend in Singapore to see how the seal would survive. I've read that some seals may broke in mail depending on what kind of wax you use. After my friend received my envelope, she gave me her report. Unfortunately the seal had dropped off on its way to Singapore!! I don't know how that's possible and I'm so disappointed. Maybe it's because of the envelope's material? I dunno..I'll try sealing again another time!

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  1. A wonderful idea! Amazingly it looks. I would like to get a sealed this envelope!


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