Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Mail Week!

Incoming mail 10.-14.3. I haven't got lots of mail lately, but this week my mail box was extremely happy! This is only a part of the mail I received, I'll dedicate an entire entry to my birthday mail, which I'll post later >w<

 Small swap from Japan. The envelope is so beautiful.


Swap from Taiwan. I sent her Moomin stuff and she sent me these two memo sheet pads in exchange.


Small swap from Singapore. She decorated her letter so nicely!

First time to see these Singaporean stamps!

She sent me masking tape samples and an eraser.


  1. Vautsi noi Singaporen postimerkit on niiiiiiin hienoja :o Ihanan värikkäitä!

  2. Tosi kauniita postimerkkejä kaikki tässä postauksessa näkyneet. :)


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