Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Outgoing postcards and a letter (again)

A letter to Joycelyn in Singapore. I hope she'll receive it very soon!

A card to Poland.

(BTW, is there in the card a miss-writing? :D  I think it should be "Four season's (Finland)" ---> "Four seasons' (Finland)" (Neljän vuodenajan (Suomi))

(OR simply "Four seasons". But I don't think so, cuz there on the background reads "Finland". So the text in the middle indicates to Finland's seasons (as Finland is known of its four seasons!) I don't know how to explain this -.-)

's indicates possession, and s at the end of the word means it's plural. So now the words in the postcard means in Finnish "Neljä vuodenaikan" ?? aahh.. I don't know I'm not good at English ~.~

I joined Postcard Penpals -swap and these two cards are heading to United Arab Emirates and Israel! I was happy I got to send cards to such different countries! I chose the cat card for my partner  in Israel because she stated in her profile she doesn't like tourist cards and she likes cats and Christmas so I thought this card might be a good choice for her ^_^ I hope my partners will like the cards. 

Lastly three cards that are waiting to be sent to Australia and Malaysia. 

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