Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Outgoing mail

First of all: I added a question for you on bar on the right side , please take a min and answer it thanks ^_^ 

Now onto the outgoing mail -------------->

I joined  "Two Chocolate Bars" -swap on Swap-pot. As the tittle says, you should send two various chocolate bars to your partner. Unfortunately, I got a Finnish partner! I don't know how this can be... We Finnish swappers are an evident minority on Swap-pot, so this was really bad luck. In general I don't mind where I have to send the swaps to, but I know it will be disappointing for my partner to receive chocolate from her own country as obviously everyone wants to taste foreign candy! 
However I tried to choose for my partner new chocolate and something that I myself haven't tasted before, and I'm hoping my partner haven't tasted the bars either ^_^

These two letters I sent out already a couple of weeks ago... For my penpal Hayes in Scotland, he's originally from Hong Kong but now staying in Scotland.  The another letter was for Maria das Trouxas on Swap-pot who I had a private swap with. I sent her four bags of different flavored Moomin tea ^_^

Lastly, the card is for Nnyla on Swap-pot, who kindly asked me to have a private PC swap with her. (I'm so happy many people have asked me to have a private swap with them and helping me to get cards from their countries!!^_^!!) 
The letter is for my American penpal Emily. I folded the envelope myself out of an old children's wall map.

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