Saturday, July 21, 2012

My first ATCs + New purchases + My first swap ever ^o^

I've seen alot of beautiful ATC(Artist Trading Card) cards on the Internet thus I wanted to try make my own cards, too ^_^!!
HaHa...^^;; They don't look as good as the ones I have seen :(
The first card is "Sushi and Friends" and the second card is "Good Night, Hello Kitty" =D
What do you think about them? 
I'll do more cards and try to improve myself~!! No one is born as a mastermind !

And today I rode on bike total 32 KMs(!!!!) cuz I went to buy scrapbooking/ATC/origami papers and supplies and I did not want to waste money on bus xD (I live in countryside)

Anyway, I hardly found anything, I'm highly disappointed on the supply Tiimari(A Finnish shop that sells hobby crafts etc) offers! 

I especially went to buy scrapbooking papers or other beautiful papers, but this is all I found. I wish I would have found some more colorful and cute papers :( 

Also bought glitter glue :3

I have finally created my own first swap on Swap-pot ^_^!

I'm so excited :) If you're on Swap-pot and would like to join, click HERE

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  1. I know you wanted more colours of paper, but the colours you did get are beautiful. I love purple, so I really liked them :)

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