Thursday, June 28, 2012

Favorite Candy Swap

My first swap ever is "favorite candy swap" which I joined recently. Everyone got two partners who to sent your favorite candies to. Unfortunately I was already sent my packets to Netherlands and U.S.A. before I got the idea of creating a blog so I haven't photos of them! 
Anyway, today I received little packets from my partners! I was so exited :)

Two packets, one from U.S.A. and another one from U.K.!

 From Liz from U.K.
She sent a very nice letter as well and she told she picked the "Squares" especially for me since I told I love everything made of rice! Thank you so much!

 This is from Emily from U.S.A
She also sent another chocolate bar but I already ate it =w= She also sent a special thing, stickers! Thank you ! 

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